Frequently Asked Questions

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How are Summit sheds constructed?

Summit sheds are built to last! Here’s an overview of how your shed will be built.


  • Shed base– Sheds are built on pressure treated 4×4’s, which are placed on patio stones to lift the shed off the ground.  This provides the structure with proper ventilation and allows water to run under it. This is critical to the life of your shed.
  • Leveling –The shed is leveled to the highest point on which it will sit.
  • Flooring – 2×4, 16″ on centre; 5/8″ tongue and groove OSB provides a sturdy floor.  As an upgrade, studs at 12″ on centre with plywood or pressure treated plywood is also available.
  • Wall construction – 2×4, 16″ on centre; 7/16″ OSB.
  • Higher Walls – We build 7 foot walls, rather than the standard 6 feet, with approximately 9 feet at the peak (depending on the style of roof).
  • Roof – 2×4, 24″ on centre; 7/16″ OSB, with architectural, asphalt shingles.
Is a base included in the price?

Yes, all sheds include a base, as described under the question above.

We also offer a full gravel base or a concrete pad.

Is a building permit required?

Any structure larger than 108 square feet requires a building permit. Common shed sizes such as 10×10 and 8×12 can be built without a building permit.


Should you want a shed that exceeds 108 square feet, we will provide you with the plans needed to obtain your building permit.

How much space do I need around my structure/shed?

By-law requires that there be two (2) feet of clearance at fences and property lines.

Is installation included in the price?

Yes, your shed is “made to order” and built from raw materials on your property, so all of our prices include pick-up and delivery of materials, onsite construction, leveling of the structure, removal of all building debris and clean up.  There is a travel surcharge for outside of Ottawa proper.

What finishes/siding and trim choices are available?

We offer maintenance-free vinyl, cedar and smart panel as exterior finishes, so that you can scstomize your shed or garage to suit your taste!


For finishes/siding and trim, our most popular option is vinyl because it’s maintenance-free and available in a broad range of standard and premium colours. Siding is installed over 7/16″ OSB.  With vinyl siding, your shed is literally built like a little house!


Cedar is our most popular wood siding. As with vinyl, it is installed over 7/16″ O.S.B. backing.


Smart panel is manufactured wood siding that looks like board and batten. This siding can be left in the natural or light beige colour, depending on which one you choose, or it can be painted.  If left in it’s natural form, it must be clear-coated to protect it from the elements.

What customization/upgrades are available?

At Summit, we’re all about customization. We have many available options to customize your structure. If there’s an option that you’d like, but you don’t see it on our site, just ask!

Is a deposit required?

Yes. Because our products are custom built to your specifications, a deposit of 1/3 of the total price is required when you place your order.  The remainder is due on construction day, when the structure is complete.

What warranty is included?

Summit offers a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on materials and workmanship. Vinyl siding, smart panel and shingles have extended warranties by the manufacturer. For cedar and smart panel sheds, clients are responsible for ongoing maintenance of the exterior finish to ensure the longevity of the shed.

How long will my shed last?

Your shed can last a lifetime, as long as you trim vegetation around the edges of your structure to allow for proper ventilation.